About Us

Mia Rao is a Rhode Island native who grew up in North Providence. In 1993 Mia relocated to Florida where she resided for 20 years. While in Florida Mia was employed by Verizon and held numerous positions, most recent of which was as a Project Manager implementing large telecommunication networks throughout the country. Mia and her family returned to Rhode Island in February 2012, the day before the blizzard of 2012, which was quite a welcome back from Mother Nature.

In 2014, after 17 years of service, Mia separated from Verizon. She viewed this as an opportunity to pursue her dream of owning her own restaurant, which was encouraged by her children over the years.

While searching for the right opportunity she came across two restaurants for sale in the URI Emporium and immediately knew that was the spot for her to begin the next chapter in her life. With no formal experience or training in the food service industry she knew she was in for the challenge of her life but embraced the opportunity to not only be self-employed but to also provide a valuable service to the URI community and the local neighborhoods. Mia wanted to make sure that her restaurant was designed to attract serve the entire community, not just the URI community but also the neighboring communities and to make sure everyone feels as though they are visiting an old friend when they stop in.